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ServiceHourly rate
On-site visit $90 for the first hour, or part thereof
  $60 for each subsequent hour, or part thereof
Remote session $60 per hour, or part thereof
Simple website $60 per hour

On-site visits

Most home and small business visits can be completed within two hours, and often within one hour. It's unusual for a job to take longer, but it can happen. If I believe a job will take more than two hours I will let you know as early as possible.

Remote sessions

Some problems can be resolved without a visit. With a remote session I will arrange a time with you for a phone call. You will need to be in front of your computer and your internet connection will need to be working. I'll ask you to install some software from the internet which will allow me - with your permission - to remote-control your computer. We can then work through the problem together.

Simple websites

Websites vary greatly in the amount of time required. I will discuss your requirements with you and provide you with an estimate. Charges will not apply unless you decide to go ahead with the job.

As a rough guide, if you can provide me with the content and a basic layout, if you don't need anything too complex (eg databases, payment gateways, or other content that requires programming), and if the website has 20 pages or less, I may be able to create the site within 10 hours.

If I can't fix it

If I cannot resolve your issue, or at least provide you with a reasonable work-around I will not charge. HOWEVER, if I make a reasonable recommendation that you choose not to proceed with, I will bill for the time I have spent.